Get a free bottle of wine or beer with each wine or beer kit you purchase!

13185 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, Florida 34609

(352) 515-1642

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Once Upon a Vine in Spring Hill

Step 1-Making wine from a wine kit at Once Upon a Vine

Step 1-choosing your wine kit, mixing, and starting the fermenting process

Step 2-Degassing

Your second visit with your wine is "degassing."  You transfer your wine from the bucket to a glass carboy, add a few ingredients, and your wine goes back in the Wine Cellar for a couple more weeks.

Step 3-"Racking" your wine

The third time you visit your wine, you will "rack" it.  This is a very short visit.  You will transfer your wine from one carboy to another.

Step 4-Bottling Day!

The final step to making your wine from a wine kit at Once Upon a Vine is Bottling Day!  This is always the most fun step of them all.  You clean your bottles, fill them with your wine, put corks in them, shrink wrap the PVC sleeves on the bottles, put them in their cases, and take them home!